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Shameless Plugs Return

You know what it’s been a while since we had here on the Masaccio Exchange? A good, wholesome shameless plug, that’s what. And, let me tell you, having me around for a Halloween party where I wore boxers, a tuxedo coat, and an eyepatch and drank a pint of scotch is the sort of thing endears a guy to a person. So, this quick shout out is for my friend Jessie Beck, who runs an Etsy store called “Syrup Threads” that’s working on finding its feet. What’s over that way? Yarn, originally, dyed in rather attractive color groupings. And, now there also appears to be whimsical stationary, of the exact variety I keep meaning to keep around for writing those odd notes where I can’t get away with an email.

Stuff seems fairly enough priced, too. Can’t speak too much to the yarn, as its not in my sphere of knowledge, but the stationary works out to about a buck per pop, which is way cheaper than Hallmark and comes with 100% less hoke.

So, in continuing my lifelong philosophy of helping people out when I can, if y’all could now kindly direct your eyes to the two links below and do that thing where you follow them and show some love, well, it’d warm my black heart.