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All Ten Illustrations Done, New Site Gallery

Jack of Trades

Having now finished the tenth illustration, the entire collection is complete and I’ve got it added to the site under the “other” category up at the top, there. All ten of these are for chapter intros in the upcoming book ChickenBones. I’m giving away all ten of the originals, but I will gladly release the scans for you to make your own prints, and accept commissions from the story and in this style. So, if you’re just dying for, say, a Chit-Chat to call your own, we can work that out.

Otherwise, check out all ten of them here: ChickenBones Illustrations

ChickenBones Illustrations 1-8: Updated, 1-9

So, I finished the first draft of my new novel, ChickenBones: An Antropolis Story, based on the comic that I used to run back when I had more time. So, to bring back the graphic feel of the story, which has been integral to it since the start, I’ve been doing a series of illustrations for it using the ink, splatter, and carbon pencil styling I used for the bigger art pieces back when it was a comic. I’ve finished the first eight of the ten total, and you can see them below. I’ll repost the full set of ten in the next couple of days, and add them to the galleries at that time.