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So, You’re Going To Oranje: Who To See. Part 2.

Yesterday I talked about a half dozen people to see at Oranje 2011 this Saturday that I’d never talked about before. Today, I’d like to talk about another handful of people who I have.

1. Jonathan Foerster


by Jonathan Foerster

I’ve talked about Jonathan on here a couple times. And I’ll do it again because his work is just that good. Jonathan’s thing is digital work, made up of hundreds of layers in Photoshop and taking countless hours to produce. My poor laptop is shaking right now just contemplating having pieces like this produced on it. I know Jonathan through MEA, and he’s always been a reserved, soft-spoken, patient guy. You’d pretty much have to be to do what he does with pixels, I figure.

His website:

He’s also on Twitter: @atleastwedream.

2. Kate Wagner


by Kate Wagner

The rest of these artists I’ll mention I actually know because of Oranje 2009, and it’s nice to see them coming back. Starting off, we have Kate Wagner, whose opening sentence to her artist statement makes me very happy in its bluntness:

I like to take the shitty and turn it into pretty.        In art and in life.

Kate Wagner

Kate’s work impressed me the first time around, as does her work for Studio OTB running a progressive art studio for people with disabilites. I’m personally impressed most by her paintings, but she’s not a one-medium kinda gal and you’ll find her selling lampshades, jewelry, textiles, you name it.

Her website:

More about Outside the Box and Studio OTB here:

3. Cameron Oehler


by Cameron Oehler

I first talked about Cameron back here. He’s a wood craftsman, making wood pendants as well as highly decorative but functional cutting boards. And, if you’re much of a geek at all, you’re probably already familiar with his Legend Of Zelda Triforce cutting board. And, from what I’ve seen, this year promises more of his high-quality work for your eyeballs and kitchens.

His site:

4. Mike Altman


by Mike Altman

Mike was a favorite of mine back in 2009, but it took a while for his website to get up so I could talk about him. I’ve since seen him at various places around Indy, including Locals Only and Strange Brew. His work is always highly cartoony and whimsical, often featuring robot, ray guns, or robots with ray guns. It is bright, bold, colorful, and fun. More of it over at his website.

His website:

5. Stuart Sayger


by Stuart Sayger

Last up we have Stuart Sayger, who I wanted to talk about before but apparently forgot about. I’m not sure how, since my friends have two of his pieces in their living room. Stuart is a comic artist with a lot of chops. We’re talking the better end of comic art here, the sort that graces covers, cards, and limited run one-offs, not the daily grind kind of illustration work so often thought of by people. He’s also the creator of the comic Shiver In The Dark.

His website:



ZmZ Mentioned in Naptown Buzz

And who’s that slipping in to the end of your Oranje 2011 preview over on Naptown Buzz’s blog? Why, little old Zed, it seems. Nice, and a good list of a lot of way cool people you should be going to see in addition to me.