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Tossers 2: Yea Though I Toss

So, those of you who’ve been around for a while will probably remember a lot of everything that goes on over here at my once-upon-a-Grimey-Studios started back in college, when the focal point of all the art and insanity was an absolutely godawful comic Cor and I called “Tossers.”

And man, have I missed it. In addition to finishing up those six paintings, I’ve started getting things back in order to finally start the loooooooong overdue and vastly improved sequel, called, creatively, Tossers 2. Or, more often, just Tosse2s. Anyone who finds that name awful is fully encouraged to look up what a tosser is, then get back to me.

Anyway, it’s been a while since I picked up a pencil, but, here’s a holiday sketch for all of you in the home audience. More to come.


OK, been a lot going on in the background here.
I’ve been feeling a bit off the past several weeks, but I have the
following tidbits of news:

1. ChickenBones is back! I’m reposting them in order, 5 a week, and
with any luck it’ll continue at least 3 a week there-after until I
finish the story.

Find it at

(forgive the minimal website, I’ll get a revamped version done once I get the Grimey Studios site completed next month)

2. Planning is underway for the long-awaited sequel, Tosse2s. Cory
is on board again with the project, and we’ve add Nick Henry to the
creative pool this time. Expect a more mature, robust, story and
character driven Tossers with more focus. Oh, and it’ll be a bit darker
overall than before too. More to come.