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Midwest Emerging Artists

So, OK, I recently joined up with Midwest Emerging Artists. MEA (or, as I like to pronounce it, "mee-uh"), is a local Indianapolis-based council dedicated to promoting a 'confluence of the arts.' In less marketing-speak the idea is to find ways to let artists, visual and musical, perform and showcase their work at no cost to the artist. It's really a pretty admirable goal. It certainly helped me out with my We Search For Another exhibit, which is part of why I didn't hesitate to sign-up to help when they asked me.

As for where this is going to go, what it's going to mean, what we're going to do exactly, I still don't know. MEA is currently still doing monthly shows at Urban Element, and having closing receptions for them. The show running from May and closing in June is a friend of mine, Emily Hughes, so I'll of course be pulling some weight and blog time to give her some publicity. But, beyond that, here are the various MEA links I'll be working on. I encourage you to add them to your bookmarks, to "Like" them on FB, and to follow us on Twitter. We're trying to do something cool here, but like any grassroots movement we'll only succeed if you guys are with us.

So, please, be with us.