Zed’s Not Ded

Sorry for the silence. Turns out weddings are busy times. Weird, yeah?

I’m back in the studio soon, but in the meanwhile, if you aren’t following me on Facebook you’re missing the digital doodles I’m posting as short-term fixes (and maybe a long-term practice to getting back into drawing work and not just painting).


Anyway. Check back, we’ll get back to normal operations around here shortly.

Titus Andronicus

“Cherry Tree” Up For Auction, All Proceeds Go to Local Theatre


My incredibly popular piece Cherry Tree that I made as the poster image for EclecticPond Theatre Company’s production of The Cherry Orchard is up for auction in it’s final, beautiful aged state. It’s signed and specially trimmed in a wine/mulberry color instead of my usual black, ready to hang. The trees have been really popular, and I won’t be doing them longer than this summer, so, this is a good chance to help theatre non-profit with goals of bringing affordable theatre to high schools out, and pick up the first painting in the tree series for your own wall. Auction ends June 22nd, and is being handled by eBay. You all know how eBay works by now, right? Good good. So, go get to it. Help theatre. Make your walls prettier. Be the envy of your friends, and of quite a few people you may have never met.

Check the auction page here.

4.48 Psychosis

A few friendly folks I know in the theatre community asked if I could help them out with an image for their Fringe play. I said I could, so yesterday we shot around and I made this facial composite for their poster:



And the original shots before merging: