About Zed Martinez

Born and raised in the midwest of the United States, I spend most of my time wrestling with common ideas and attitudes that surround me. Religion and gender are two big ones, and are issues that in some form or another are present in every aspect of the world I exist in every day. Often with much conflict. So, as I’ve always done, I lean on art, nonsense, and introspection to try and work my way through their various nuances. Less to change the world than to just understand them. Maybe after I understand them, maybe then I can change anything, and not just be a part of the problem.

Purchasing + Commission

Embracing modern distribution methods and technologies, Zed Martinez releases all his work under a CC-BY-NC-SA license. This means that they are free to distribute and use so long as the following conditions are met:

  1. You must credit Zed Martinez for the work
  2. You cannot sell or profit from use of the images
  3. If you reuse the art in any piece, that piece must also bear the CC-BY-NC-SA license, with these same terms

Under this license you are not only allowed, but encouraged, to use Zed’s works for personal purposes, such as viewing, blogging, etc. Digital copies of all pieces will be readily made available upon request without branding, but with the above conditions. Digital copies of paintings will be released at full size, while digital photos will be released at reduced printing size. You are encouraged to use these file to produce your own prints and posters for your household. Zed’s art is about the message, and he does not wish to prevent anyone from being able to consume and appreciate art. That said: For collectors, all original paintings and signed, matted small-edition prints are available for purchase from the artist. These are considered the only official representations of Zed’s work, and he will not sign or recognize any other pieces as official ownership of his art.