Three Last Chicken Skulls

So, with some help from Megan and the illustrious Nick Henry, I was able to brave the 20 degree working conditions outside–as well as the drifting snow–to shoot a few last pictures with my beloved chicken skull mask. Why? Well, they’re for something I’m not quite ready to announce yet, but, they do have a real purpose. Also, they’re just generally kickass.

For those interested, these were done with a Quadra ranger kit. The A channel was firing into a Paul Buff 64″ silver PLM for the key, straight off to my side. To my other side and just behind me I had the B channel firing through a strip bank, letting it just barely catch me edge to pull it back out of the shadows. Megan and Nick held the two modifiers steady against the wind. The D700 was on timer with Nick and I alternating hitting the shutter.

It was stupid amounts of fun.