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Fine Art Photography Really Has A Thing For Beds. And Miserable People. On Beds.

Seriously, fine art world, can we stop with the pictures of people sitting on beds and looking unhappy? They’re all starting to run together a little bit. I mean, sure, I know they’re all about Deep Issues, like you getting over your divorce, or child prostitution, adult prostitution, poverty, despair, poverty in foreign countries, sexual confusion, and so on. The problem is, I keep getting your child prostitution mixed up with your anger over your divorce, and, well… that means none of it’s working anymore. Let’s find a new shorthand for human connection and misery, k?

If you’re confused, please see here (or here), here, here, here, here, here, here, here, a whole series here, here, here, here, here, or here. Also, even Noah Kalina (who’s work we know I often enjoy), isn’t entirely innocent (see here or himself here).

Seriously people. Stop. Or my next project will just be people sitting around and looking ecstatic on beds, just to counteract all the bed misery.



Thanks to Mr. Colberg’s lovely blog Conscientious for making it so easy to find so many examples of this in a hurry.

Approaching Gender Issues In The Classroom

Toward the end of the discussion I explained: “People make all kinds of different decisions about gender. Sometimes, as we grow, we might not want to pick one or the other, and that’s OK; we don’t have to.” I wanted them to begin to see that our lessons were not only about expanding the gender boxes that we’ve been put into, but also questioning or eliminating them altogether.

If you need a break from your family, or just have a few spare minutes, this weekend and want to fill your time with some worthwhile reading, you could do worse than to read about Melissa Bollow Tempel’s approach to gender issues for elementary school kids.

Found via Megan.

Rules For My Next Project

  1. I will not schedule a shoot unless everyone involved has a minimum of two hours of unpressured time to devote to it.
  2. I will rely on the specialized expertise of people in fields beyond my own to help me get the details right.
  3. I will chimp every frame. If the histogram, light, focus, or composition are not perfect, I will shoot it again. And again. Until they are.
  4. I will use my primes, not my zooms. If the 28mm can’t do it, the 85mm can. And vice versa.
  5. Every model in every shot will have a motivation they’re attempting to convey. Even if it’s a simple one.
  6. I will research heavily. Lighting diagrams will be made, and also followed.

Simple rules. Should be fun to follow through with them, though.

Wallpaper Preview Template for Windows Phone


I sometimes design wallpapers for my phone, as I suspect many artists with smartphones do. And, often, I’m trying to show these designs to friends. On my Windows Phone, though, a big problem is that a well-designed wallpaper leaves a big area of whitespace in the lower-left for the lockscreen text. Leading to the wallpaper itself looking a bit unbalanced, and not really conveying just how it looks in use. And, unless you’re running an unlocked phone and have something like Screen Capturer v3 installed, it’s impossible to get a good shot of the wallpaper as you see it. And, even if you do, that still means you have to do the trial-and error game of making the wallpaper, sending it over, applying it, checking, tweaking, and repeating.

It’s just plain old not a good system for efficient design and sharing. And, the internet shows a distinct dearth of screenshots of the Windows Phone lockscreen with a solid color background, so super-imposing the text has always been a challenge. So, to fix that, I present the first version of my WP7 Wallpaper mockup PSD. Using various screenshots of the device, icon sets, and Segoe WP, I have recreated the typical WP7 lockscreen as layers in a Photoshop document. Now, all you have to do is insert your wallpaper design under the locked layers (one a group with all the icons and text, the other a 15% black screen that is automatically applied by the phone to all wallpapers to help the white text stand out), and bam! Instant wallpaper visualization.

This is a freebie, of course, and you can download it below in CS5 format.