Monthly Archives: January 2010

First Boobs, Now Monkeys

by "Pierre Brassau"

So, thinking of paintings made with mammary glands reminded me of this work I’ve read about lately. So, Pierre Brassau did four paintings for a show in Sweden, which received rather consitently good critical review. Mind you, Pierre Brassau turned out to be a chimpanzee, who did in fact paint the works for Åke “Dacke” Axelsson, a journalist with something to prove to the art critics. Now that’s a stunt.

Hit the link below to read the full details. Something to think about while we ponder how much the stunt makes the art.

So, Apparently This Was Painted With Tits

Found on Reddit, painted by someone's girlfriend's roommate's breasts

So, I have really no details about this (other than being done by a 21-year old Caucasian gal with 36B cup size using non-toxic paint and her breasts) painting. I found it today on the Reddit, from user “marblecakes” (click the image to skip to his profile). So, all shock factor aside (and chances to use words like ‘knockers’ seriously on my site), how do we process a painting like this? I mean, it’s attractive–I rather like it–but, without the context of the execution, is it worth anything? Knowing the context, is it worth anything even then? I’m unsure, actually, but it was enough to catch me off-guard.

Anyway, I’m not even sure where to start with this. If you’re unafraid of the internet, or are otherwise unphased by staring down 500+ Reddit comments, you can find the full comments on it here. And then, hey, hit me up in the comments with your thoughts, and maybe we can figure this thing out.

Paint paint paint

So, it’s not been all fun and games this weekend as I’ve been installing new OS’s and setting up the new laptop. There’s also been paint, in preparation for a show I’ve reportedly agreed to to with Midwest Emerging Artists. So, to those ends, here’re shots of my studio as stands, with the newest finished painting, one for the series in progress on the wall, and two boards on the floor that’ll become that sketch you see there.

Personal First: Priming 7 Canvases At Once

Well, by canvas I mean “board,” in this case. But as they’re the field upon which my paint will reside, the vehicle for my artistic vision (snerk), they’re still my ‘canvas’es, if ya get my drift.

Anyway, gearing up for a show in March I’m going to do quite a few new, smaller paintings and hopefully a new 4×5′ monster to go with five finished ones. The theme will be “Relationships,” a theme I’ve apparently been exploring a lot lately and thought deserved to explored into a proper body of mismatched musings.

Day 1 on a Mac

Well, this officially marks my first day as a Mac user. Voluntarily, this time, unlike at the design department. I gotta say, OSX has come a long way since it’s early incarnations, but, all of its improvements alone I don’t think would be enough to accomodate my workflow if not for one thing: the new 4-finger gesture touchpads. Keyboard shortucts are marvelous, but Exposé, which makes multitasking on a Mac possible, is normally bound to the function keys all the way on the other side of my keyboard from the Scared Touch Pad where all my navigation work is done.

Or, now I can flip my fingers up or down. Guess which is more useful? Actually, the gestures are so useful they might be my new favorite time-saver, supplanting the all-mighty Alt+Tab. Now that’s impressive.

Oh, and pinch-push scales my thumbnails in LR, and yes, rotating on the touchpad rotates my images. That’s workflow I can get behind.