Oranje 2009: Follow-Up

[EDIT]: View the pictures from Oranje 2009 here: http://zedmartinez.com/2009/09/pictures-from-oranje-2009/

So, my thoughts on Oranje  2009 you (don’t) ask? Well, let’s see here:

Venue: Let’s start with the venue first, because it’s what makes the first impression. An old, empty warehouse in the not-so-hot-but-not-really-awful fringe of downtown? Nice ambiance. It’s safe enough to merit attendance, edgy enough to give things that feel the organizers were clearly going for. Plus, the driving ramp as a way to get to the second floor was awesome.

The Art: So, safe to say, the art was kind of a big deal at Oranje. I know, I know, “Derek!”, you say, “That’s crazy talk!” I know, right? But so it was. I count 33 artists/galleries/groups on the map, not counting the bands. I count 40 bands on here. i spent too much time hitting the art booths, so i didn’t catch many of the bands, so I don’t have as much to say about them as I would like. I do, at least, have a list of artists and groups I’m going to discuss over the course of the week. They are (drumroll, please):

So, keep your eyes peeled here.

All that said, I agree with Aud that it sounded like it would be bigger. Mind you, it was two stories of art and 40 friggin’ bands, but it still seems like they could cram more into it if they wanted. But ti was certainly enough to kill four hours on the weeknd.

Refreshments: I’m going to come right out and say it: anyplace that charges me $3 bucks a pop for PBR has some concession-related issues I’d like to see worked out. Profit is nice, but yowza. Can I get something… better, for those prices? Please?