Walkabout Moves to Evenings, Plans Ahead

This week’s walkabout will take place Wednesday evening. Yup, you read correctly, Wednesday evening. We’re moving walkabouts to the schedule-friendlier time of 6pm, now that the evning light lasts long enough and is better than the morning light (well, for what we do, anyway). Meet us at 6pm at Rock Bottom, downotown Indy, for an hour of photography followed by an open invitation to join the two lead dudes of Grimey Studios for 2 buck pints at downotwn’s best brew pub.

Also, tentaively penciled for May 30th, but subject to change, we’re working on our first of a couple big Saturday photo shoots, where we want to bring lighting equipment and various camera reps out so everyone can play with equipment that might normally be above their pay grade. We have Nikon and olympus in the chute for this, and I’m talking with a lovely local model gal for one of them, and I’m going to contact this very ripped gentleman for the other, so it’ll be a good portfolio building exercise if you can make it out.

(Me, personally, I need to talk Oly into bringing a 35-100mm for me and Mr Henry to use, but boy is that a sweet friggin lens. F2! Zoom!)