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Bands and Mind Changing

Just got back from seeing local band “Beta Male”, who quite rocked my world and who I hope I can deal with and bump into more in the future, and the perennial Grimey favorite, Freezepop. It was a stellar show, and thank you to both bands for making my week rock.

Now, about the walkabout next week, we’ve changed our mind. There’s a little ray of sunshine on Wednesday morning. Not enough to drag a model out, but enough that we’d just be weak if we didn’t hoof it out there and try to find a shot worth taking. If you’re free Wed morning at 8, come join us.

Letting Learning Get in the Way

” I’m not an art student, I’ve no formal training in composition…” – fellow Grimey Studios maniac Nick Henry.

I read this earlier today when Nick posted it to the day-job’s blog, and I’ve been mulling it over all day. I find it a distinctly distasteful attitude to have, actually. An opinion made worse by the fact that I’m probably somewhat to blame for it.

So, just how much does a “proper” education have to do with being an artist? In my opinion, not much. Afterall, no matter how trumped up, isn’t an art curriculum just a standardized set of drills and reasons to practice, as well as added exposure? Before you all decry me too much, I suppose I should explain.


Zombie O Zombie

I’m in talks with an aspiring local model who wants to do a set of 50’s style zombie pin-ups. Now, quite obviously this meshes pretty well with the Studios’ general zeitgeist (yeh yeah, not quite an accurate word but it gets the point across.) I’m hoping for awesomeness to result. More to come.

Walkabout #3

Yeah, I dig this shot.

Yeah, I dig this shot.

The third walkabout was cold. Frigid, even. PoorEmily Allen, brave and valiant model, was nearly a popcicle out there. But, she stuck with us, and so did several shooters who weren’t Nick or I (Chris, I’m looking at you. Thanks also to Greg and Tony).

Next week’s walkabout is cancelled due to dreary, dismal weather forecasts. We’re hoping to meet up again the week after, April weather permitting. I have lines out with several other models, so if the model thing is popular we have several new faces to keep things lively.

Keep your eyes peeled for news. Shots from this walkabout on The Grimey Flickr. Were you out there? Join us at Nick and Derek’s Walkabout Flickr group.

Elements of Composition

In college I had to go through a series of staged classes that focused on the basics of composition, with a focus on gestalt and Notan and similar “pure design” foundations. So, I have to admit, as I’m helping some friends understand the basics of composition to better their photography, and I can’t find any good texts that explain composition without linking it to one medium or another. There’s no text that says “Hey! This is composition as it applies to all 2 dimensional art!” And I think that’s a pity.

So I’m going to work on writing one, I think. Now, to go back and brush up myself on the formal principles and elements. It might be the designer in me, but I really think recognizing the general aspects– the building blocks, if you will– like line and shape and hue, well, I think that’s more important than knowing what pthalocyanine blue is, or how EV comp affects noise, or what the hell conte crayons are.

Next Walkabout

Emily Allen - Model #1

Emily Allen - Model #1

Nick and I are due to go photo walking again this coming Wednesday (Apr. 8), at the usal time of 8am and the usual place of South and Meridian, wehre there’s available parking for $3.

This time around we’ve hired our first of hopefully several local models to pose for us in the mean streets of Indy. This week’s model is a gal named Emily Allen, and she knows how to handle her semi-colons, so she certainly can eb all bad.

Hope to see you there.