Walkabout Moves to Evenings, Plans Ahead

This week’s walkabout will take place Wednesday evening. Yup, you read correctly, Wednesday evening. We’re moving walkabouts to the schedule-friendlier time of 6pm, now that the evning light lasts long enough and is better than the morning light (well, for what we do, anyway). Meet us at 6pm at Rock Bottom, downotown Indy, for an hour of photography followed by an open invitation to join the two lead dudes of Grimey Studios for 2 buck pints at downotwn’s best brew pub.

Also, tentaively penciled for May 30th, but subject to change, we’re working on our first of a couple big Saturday photo shoots, where we want to bring lighting equipment and various camera reps out so everyone can play with equipment that might normally be above their pay grade. We have Nikon and olympus in the chute for this, and I’m talking with a lovely local model gal for one of them, and I’m going to contact this very ripped gentleman for the other, so it’ll be a good portfolio building exercise if you can make it out.

(Me, personally, I need to talk Oly into bringing a 35-100mm for me and Mr Henry to use, but boy is that a sweet friggin lens. F2! Zoom!)

Vision vs Artistry

I have to admit that I generally find artistry to be a solution to a problem. I bring this up, as usual, coming from photography. Photography is one of the mediums I have the hardest ttime accepting as art, and it’s partly because so often there’s no solution to the problem. Cartier-Bresson made reference to the facty himself, there’s only a split-second in which a photographer is an artist, and that’s knowing when to hit the shutter. There are exceptions to this, there are always exceptions, but I think the current photodocumentary whiplash against digital manipulation removes the artistry from photography. The idea that we should meddle with, control, accentuate, and sometime blatantly lie about the scene we were presented has always struck me as where the artistry in photography is.

In painting you don’t get these quandries anymore. There has always been a problem (how to represent a complex visual world using paints and small clumps of hair on a stick), and the whole of the discipline is a way to overcome these limitations (glazing, various stroke styles), and, at its zennith, to alter the visual plane, or to create a new one altogether. It has long now been accepted in painting that the end work is a statement of the artist, and that their decisions andmethodologies completely alter the perception of the same scene.

Give three photographers three brands of cameras and the same scene and you’ll get three enarly identical visions of the same scene. Sure, you can choose lenses, and framing, but ultimately a camera is a device designed to record without bias. There’s no vision, it’s just a recording. Now, once you start getting beyond what the camera can do on its own, however, once you exceed its dynamic range, or its sensitivity to light, well, now that’s a different story. Now the photographer has to step in and make decisions. There are problems that it becomes necessary to solve, and should they prove insurmountable there are lies that need to be made. There’s almost no artistry to using a camera on program mode in good light. It runs on autopilot and out come pictures. Start adding things like bounce reflectors and off-camera flash and the world gets far more difficult.

To the forum troll I read once who said his vision does not have noise in it, I tell you that you’re a mere documenter, a recorder. To those of you who look at life like a canvas and a camera like a brush, an instrument to wield to your own purposes, well, now that’s where I start calling you an artist.

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Let’s Kick the Walkabout Back a Day

So, checking my forecasts, looks like Wednesday is not chill, but Thursday is looking quite good. So, I’m going to move we bump it back a day. I hope that’s OK with everyone, but highs in the 70s and mostly sunny beats the pants off of 50s and light rain. I’m going to drop a line to an old contact, maybe we can find some more human fun.

Let's Kick the Walkabout Back a Day

So, checking my forecasts, looks like Wednesday is not chill, but Thursday is looking quite good. So, I’m going to move we bump it back a day. I hope that’s OK with everyone, but highs in the 70s and mostly sunny beats the pants off of 50s and light rain. I’m going to drop a line to an old contact, maybe we can find some more human fun.

Grimey Studios Once Again Live

Alright y’all, the legendary http://grimeystudios.net is once again live! Go, visit, explore. It’s a nononsense stylefest right now. Coming soon will be the mini-site for the NPO-aspect of our work, and our 2009 online promo. Check out screencaps of the new site after the jump, or just click that link earlier and check it out live and in person.

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Grimey Site mk 4 Nears Debut

Pending a quick photo grab this week with Mr. Henry, the Grimey site (http://grimeystudios.net) is almost ready for its proper debut. Next up, the Grimey online portfolio / identity piece.

Screencap from the New Site

Screencap from the New Site

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Bands and Mind Changing

Just got back from seeing local band “Beta Male”, who quite rocked my world and who I hope I can deal with and bump into more in the future, and the perennial Grimey favorite, Freezepop. It was a stellar show, and thank you to both bands for making my week rock.

Now, about the walkabout next week, we’ve changed our mind. There’s a little ray of sunshine on Wednesday morning. Not enough to drag a model out, but enough that we’d just be weak if we didn’t hoof it out there and try to find a shot worth taking. If you’re free Wed morning at 8, come join us.

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Letting Learning Get in the Way

” I’m not an art student, I’ve no formal training in composition…” – fellow Grimey Studios maniac Nick Henry.

I read this earlier today when Nick posted it to the day-job’s blog, and I’ve been mulling it over all day. I find it a distinctly distasteful attitude to have, actually. An opinion made worse by the fact that I’m probably somewhat to blame for it.

So, just how much does a “proper” education have to do with being an artist? In my opinion, not much. Afterall, no matter how trumped up, isn’t an art curriculum just a standardized set of drills and reasons to practice, as well as added exposure? Before you all decry me too much, I suppose I should explain.

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Zombie O Zombie

I’m in talks with an aspiring local model who wants to do a set of 50′s style zombie pin-ups. Now, quite obviously this meshes pretty well with the Studios’ general zeitgeist (yeh yeah, not quite an accurate word but it gets the point across.) I’m hoping for awesomeness to result. More to come.

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Walkabout #3

Yeah, I dig this shot.

Yeah, I dig this shot.

The third walkabout was cold. Frigid, even. PoorEmily Allen, brave and valiant model, was nearly a popcicle out there. But, she stuck with us, and so did several shooters who weren’t Nick or I (Chris, I’m looking at you. Thanks also to Greg and Tony).

Next week’s walkabout is cancelled due to dreary, dismal weather forecasts. We’re hoping to meet up again the week after, April weather permitting. I have lines out with several other models, so if the model thing is popular we have several new faces to keep things lively.

Keep your eyes peeled for news. Shots from this walkabout on The Grimey Flickr. Were you out there? Join us at Nick and Derek’s Walkabout Flickr group.