Monthly Archives: February 2009


OK, been a lot going on in the background here.
I’ve been feeling a bit off the past several weeks, but I have the
following tidbits of news:

1. ChickenBones is back! I’m reposting them in order, 5 a week, and
with any luck it’ll continue at least 3 a week there-after until I
finish the story.

Find it at

(forgive the minimal website, I’ll get a revamped version done once I get the Grimey Studios site completed next month)

2. Planning is underway for the long-awaited sequel, Tosse2s. Cory
is on board again with the project, and we’ve add Nick Henry to the
creative pool this time. Expect a more mature, robust, story and
character driven Tossers with more focus. Oh, and it’ll be a bit darker
overall than before too. More to come.