We Were Rockstars


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We Were Rockstars

I’m certainly at work on something here, and for EclecticPond, nonetheless. What oh what could I be doing with a giant now-blue door and a theatre company? Other than, if my count is correct, my 60th extant oil painting. What oh what indeed. Stay tuned, and keep your eyes on the Twitter hashtag #ETCMcB.  

New This Is Not A Painting up. The wall we shot it on was super cool, and merited a wider shot. Fell through the hole in the God’s eye Fell on through to the underside Come along for the landslide Come along for the joyride -Machines of Loving Grace

  I’m not shy about admitting I’m a huge proponent of post production. Sure, getting a photo as close to right as you can in camera is important, but I’d say at best a straight-out-of-camera image can only ever realize 70% of its true potential. The difference between an OK photo and a great photo…

The props for two more This Is Not A Painting pieces are done and I’m scheduling with people to shoot the final pieces for them, so, stay tuned. These two are “The Title of This Piece Is Derived From My Whims” and “It May Be Confused But I Can Still Spell It.”

Congratulations today to everyone who was finally able to get their relationships made official in this window between our state being told to shape up and its inevitable attempt to get this decision stayed or over-turned. Including some dear friends of mine. Today was a huge day for equality, and though I’m sure there will…